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9 Educational Blogs Every Student Must Check Out In 2024

ByElma Davis

Nov 30, 2023

Podcasts are an emerging trend, and advanced multimedia has diversified our information consumption scope. However, blogs remain the primary and go-to source for many educators as well as students.

The alchemy of blogs lies in the range of content they can profile on the web without much technical understanding, as well as their simplicity.

These sources of information are being used by many educators to provide themes from subject areas or commentary on topics. Moreover, the blogs also possess hyperlinks, comments, and visuals, which can help the students gain more insights.

Why don’t you take a moment to look at some of the best educational blogs that every student must know to kick-start their grades? We think it is a great idea!

So, grab your reading glasses and read below as we have briefly discussed these educational blogs for you.

Kick Start Your Grades by Reading These Educational Blogs

Inside Higher Ed

Blog Link: insidehighered.com

Inside Higher Ed is an excellent source of information for anyone in higher education, as well as those who are hunting for jobs. This platform houses various sections such as Technology, Admissions, Diversity, Books, Advice, Career, and much more.

Moreover, this educational space also offers a number of research and webinars. It allows the readers to get daily news updates from the higher education industry. It is a news website for people who are interested in knowing everything about higher education.

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The Learning Network

Blog Link: learning.blogs.nytimes.com

The Learning Network comes under the umbrella of the New York Times. It targets parents, students, and tutors who want to use information from NYT as inspiration for their teaching materials. Educators can simply make use of the “text to text” section in their lesson plans in various fields, including current events, American history, social studies, and civics. This powerful educational space has a goal to provide rich and imaginative materials for learning as well as teaching.

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Blog Link: edutopia.org

Edutopia is a segment of “The George Lucas Educational Foundation.” This blog focuses on K-12 tutors as well as students. The core topics covered by Edutopia are integrated studies, project-based learning, educational leadership, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, social and emotional learning, and technology integration. The two main purposes of this educational blog are:

  1. To produce content to enhance the engagement and learning of students.
  2. To collaborate with curriculum experts, tutors, and researchers to elevate the field of project-based learning.

Classroom 2.0

Blog Link: classroom20.com

Classroom 2.0 pays attention to bringing web 2.0 along with social media into the classroom. It is not just a stopping place for every bit of modern-day information, but much more.

It serves as a social network for tutors who are seeking to learn more about using online strategies in their classrooms. Classroom 2.0 has groups from different schools where the users can join and interact with one another.

Moreover, it also consists of many educational videos. This website has more than 78,000 members from over 199 countries. So, now you can imagine the various perspectives on education you can get from this site.


Blog Link: www.kqed.org/mindshift

Another technology-based blog is MindShift. It incorporates research and data into a lot of the content. It also has a separate section around technology and games. This section sheds light on how the apps are changing toddlers to get knowledge through technology and learn their basic skills.

It is an online educational platform that examines the future of learning in all its dimensions. The basic mission of this platform is to aid students and educators to flourish in 21st-century classrooms. Moreover, it focuses on taking people of all ages on a trip to learn seamlessly.

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Blog Link: edshelf.com/tool/edudemic

This educational blog revolves around technology in the education sphere. It provides considerate advice about using technology within the class. It also comprises a teacher’s guide to learning and technology, as well as product reviews of the best apps, tablets, and laptops for students and educators.

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The Chronicle Of Higher Education

Blog Link: chronicle.com

The Chronicle of Higher Education consists of the best higher education blogs. It provides the readers with vital real-time insights and news on basic tools, career advice, and opportunities, as well as industry knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world.

This website is widely used by university and college students, with more than 2 million regular readers and about 1,650 organizations contributing to journalism.

Khan Academy Blog

Blog Link: blog.khanacademy.org

Speaking of educational blogs, how can we leave behind the Khan Academy Blogs? It is an online education space with a motive to provide world-class and absolutely free education to anyone and from anywhere.

This blog offers practice exercises, a learning dashboard, and instructional videos that assist the candidates in learning at their own pace, either inside or outside the classroom. This website tackles various subjects such as history, science, computing, math, economics, and much more. It also includes test preparation content.

The resources from Khan Academy are translated into 30+ different languages along with Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese versions of the site. Billions of students from every part of the world learn something valuable from these blogs every day.

The Innovative Educator

Blog Link: theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com

Another remarkable blog for students to know about is “The Innovative Educator.” This blog covers development strategies in ed-tech and how these strategies can be implemented to prepare students.

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This blog puts in motion readers to actionable, new teaching concepts. Moreover, it shares ways to tailor a better learning space and measures the role of tech in schools.

Why is blogging important for students?

Blogging helps to develop students’ analytical thinking and elevates their learning to higher levels. It is an excellent way to motivate students to be creative, express their ideas, clarify their thoughts, develop confidence, etc. Blogging also enables candidates to collaborate with their tutors as well as peers. It further assists students to become reflective in their learning and work on their online presence.

What are educational blog posts?

An educational blog post or an edublog is created for educational purposes. It supports candidates as well as educators in learning by facilitating collaboration, reflection, questioning, and much more.

How to write a blog post?

To write a blog, you have to start by the following steps:

  1. Choose a topic for your blog.
  2. Conduct a keyword research.
  3. Create an outline.
  4. Write a detailed body of content.
  5. Add a concise introduction and conclusion.
  6. Write your headline.
  7. Revise your first draft.
  8. Publish your blog post online.

Do blogs contain texts only?

Most of the time, blogs are only textual. However, some blogs pay attention to photographs (photoblogs), art (art blogs), music (MP3 blogs), video (vlogs or video blogs), and audio (podcasts). In the education sector, blogs are widely used as an informative resource and, thus, referred to as edublogs.

Summing It All Up!

By giving the above-given blog a read, we are sure that you are well-acquainted with the educational blogs you must read to boost your learning and grades. Some of the above-mentioned blogs are also ideal for tutors and students side-by-side. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit the mentioned links to embark on an informative journey right now!

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