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Do I Have To Take Cenforce 150 Continuously For Erectile Dysfunction?


Nov 23, 2023
Erectile Dysfunction

Those of you who are willing to find a true cure for impotence must be willing to administer the Cenforce 150 medicine. If you are someone who is suffering from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and knows about the drug Cenforce 150 (Sildenafil) a little bit, this article is just for you. In this article, we will find out about the continuous use of Cenforce medicines and whether it is safe for you or not.

We will check out how long it is safe to continue being on the dose of Cenforce 150 and what your ideal dose should be. But before we begin checking out such details it is better to begin from the start and inform our first-time readers about what the drug Cenforce pill is about.

What do we have to understand about the drug and its uses?

Cenforce is a brand of generic medicines with the element Sildenafil. Its purpose is to help and get you to a hard erection if you are facing erection issues on your own. See, there is a specific sort of penis issue occurring in males which hampers their erection capabilities. Having this disorder someone will not be able to get or either maintain a strong erection. But this is where the usability of the Cenforce medicines comes in. Just by simply administering a medicine you can notice havoc changes in your erection gaining capabilities or even sustaining it.

Sildenafil will act within half an hour so you are only about 30 minutes away from breaking the shackles and frustrating symptoms of ED to getting strong and hard erections again.

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Should You Administer The Cenforce Pills Each Day?

It is not that the doctors are there just to recommend you with a suitable dose and a brand name. But confirming and taking their suggestion also allows you to find out about the suitable dosage schedule.

The details of the dosage schedule specified by the doctors will have all the information relating to the frequency of using the medicines, ideally at what time you need to administer the medicine and even the tenure for you to keep having the pills.

Depending on the severity of the erectile dysfunction issues you are having you may be prescribed from the doctors with a daily dose. Generally, the doctors recommend taking Cenforce 150 daily for those who have a slightly more severe issue with ED. This is because, with a daily dose, they will be able to sustain the high dose amount and get a consistent effect of Sildenafil.

But if you are someone who is having a mild or moderate issue of ED doctors may recommend you to take the medicine only on the days you wish to have sex. Doctors will generally not recommend you to take more than 3 or 4 pills within a week with one medicine being taken at most any given day.

Check out which of these two dosage regimen the doctor apply and recommend for you and adhere to it. Remember not to change the dosage schedule any ways without consulting the doctor for exceeding the dose may also cause side effects.

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How To Administer The Cenforce Pills?

Before we continue our discussion you need to know how to administer the Cenforce 150. See, the basic thing to do is to swallow the pills through your mouth. When you are administering the medicine you will need to simply gulp down the entire medicine with water. Never should you try to experiment with the intake method such as by trying to crush the medicine or dissolve it in a glass of water or trying to bite and chew the medicine for this may reduce the effects of the medicine.

How Many Pills to Have In A Day?

See, this is one of the critical things that you need to remember at all times. And that is it is never safe to administer more than a single medicine of Cenforce pills of any given dose within a single day.  Taking in more than a single medicine could end up having side effects. Although the effects of the Cenforce 150mg medicines will last around 6 hours usually doctors recommend not more than a single medicine for daily intake.

What Minimum Time Gap Should One Keep Between Two Subsequent Doses?

If you are someone who is administering the Cenforce 150 tablets daily, because that’s what your doctor suggested you do, there is a minimum time gap that you have to keep in between daily doses.

The minimum time gap that you need to have between today’s and the next day’s dose has to be at least 24 hours. Remember that it is better to fixate a time for this to allow you to ensure sufficient time gaps.

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Ensure to have sex at a specific time of the day or night and have your medicine just an hour before. Keep up with this dosage schedule and administer the next day’s dose at the same time. This will also help you to adjust initially to the actions of Sildenafil while also providing a higher efficacy of the generic drug substance

How Long May You Have To Use Cenforce Medicines?

Well, often when the doctors recommend you a dose of Cenforce 100, they will also mention a rough tenure for which you have to take the medicines. Within this time you will have to complete a certain number of courses and keep refilling your prescriptions. The doctors may also change the schedule either increasing it or reducing it depending on your health and other issues and even your adjustability to Sildenafil.

But the maximum tenure for which your course of Cenforce 150 may continue is not more than a year. Mostly doctors prohibit patients from administering the medicines for more than one year continuously.

Often most patients with a mild or moderate issue of ED will have a 6 to 7-month long prescription recommended from the doctors. Remember what you cannot do is keep having the medicines till the rest of your life.

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