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Development of the Learning-Disabled Child’s Cognitive Skills


Dec 8, 2023

Every child is unique and has different specialties and skills. However, sometimes you can encounter a few disabled students who face learning issues. These kids primarily have physical or mental impairments that affect their learning capabilities. It also restricts them from performing excellently in several activities. Therefore, they differ from the other students and require special attention. Also, search for the best schools in Gujarat

Teachers definitely encounter disabled students in class. So, they should learn how to treat them and develop their cognitive skills. We’ll uncover some tips for dealing with disabled students. But first, let’s understand when these children’s issues are detected.

Some Tips For Dealing With Disabled Students

Early childhood

It is difficult to ensure whether a child is a slow-learner in early childhood. It is the period when children learn new things. Basically, they begin to discover and make mistakes. So, every child struggles during the early childhood years. Hence, we should not declare that a child has learning disabilities in these years. 

Middle Childhood

Middle childhood is the age between five to twelve years. In these years, students develop several skills. Also, children’s cognitive performance improves as they learn more things. So, educators or parents can spot learning disabilities in children during middle childhood. It occurs because such students suffer to pay attention and memorize stuff.

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Adolescence is the period when students hit puberty and deal with physical changes. Also, teenagers start developing self-esteem that shapes their entire future. Therefore, it is a challenging time for students with learning disabilities. So, the child needs special attention during adolescence age. Otherwise, they will develop shaky self-esteem and confidence for the rest of their lives.

Tips For The Development Of A Child’s Learning Disabilities And Cognitive Skills 

A child can improve their earning disabilities and poor cognitive skills throughout life with proper support. So, parents and teachers must detect these disabilities when a kid is in middle childhood. Let’s discuss how you can do that. Also, know about the fee structure of class 4 admission

  1. Inspire your child: In most cases, adults forget to boost the confidence of their children with learning disabilities, which makes them feel differently. As a result, they grow up to be less confident in life. Therefore, you must always encourage your child and make them believe they are loved. In addition, let your children learn that they are unique and talented. 
  2. Don’t judge them based on their test scores: A common mistake parents or teachers make with children is judging them by test scores. Understand that your child’s mark sheet doesn’t indicate their future or talents. So, be cooperative with them and motivate them to perform better the next time.
  3. Look for new tools: Communicate with your child’s therapist to introduce them to new tools or solutions. These tools are designed to help children with learning disabilities. It helps them learn better and concentrate.
  4. Be your child’s advocate: Society will put pressure on your children for having learning disabilities. Most people around them will ridicule them. It can make them feel bad about themselves. So, stand up for your child and be their advocate. Communicate with them often to find out if they are facing any issues. Advocating doesn’t mean covering their mistakes. You must be your child’s support when things go wrong and teach them if they make mistakes.
  5. Focus on strengths: Instead of targeting a child’s weaknesses, focus on their strengths. It will help you discover their talents. 
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Parents’ effort and constant guidance can help children deal with their learning disabilities. Also, it enhances their cognitive skills, and they become more efficient. As a result, children’s memory span and attention increase. They discover their talents and become ready for the future.

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