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Design Custom Printed Lanyards From Scratch


Dec 5, 2023
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Custom-printed lanyards can endlessly benefit businesses, from increasing a brand’s visibility to professionalism. It is also a budget-friendly marketing technique that boosts employee engagement and corporate gifting. It also has less negative impacts on our environment. So, whether you run an academic institute or some business, leverage custom-printed lanyards to enjoy their maximum benefits.

Taking its design and creation process as a DIY may initially feel fun. However, that creative project will become a never-ending, tiring task. Besides, as you will use these cords for professional purposes, it is best to let the experts design and create them. Nonetheless, it would be best to customize every aspect of printed lanyards to get the desired product. This blog will walk you through all the steps related to its creation to guide you through the entire process.

6 Steps To Make Your Custom Printed Lanyards Professionally

1. Identify A Reliable Manufacturer

As you have decided to outsource your custom-printed lanyards from online professional manufacturers, identify the reliable one. Pick a company that lets you customize every aspect of your product, from its colours, size, and type to designs, clips, and holders. Assess different companies and the perks, budgets, and services they offer to their customers. Select the manufacturer that matches your expectations and requirements.

The best manufacturing services usually offer free and fast shipping, no minimum order limit, top quality, and countless customization options. Make sure the lanyard printing services you choose have no hidden or extra charges for designing or setup and have active customer service. Hiring a company with a user-friendly interface and easy order placement procedure will also streamline your shopping experience. Analyzing a company’s customer reviews and feedback on social channels will also help you evaluate their authenticity.

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2. Select The Lanyard Type

After following the above steps and selecting a manufacturer, you can choose the lanyard type for your business. You may come across several options, so determine the appropriate style. For this, go through all the classes and analyze them carefully to understand their characteristics.

For example, the ones made out of polyester are durable, economical, and feather-like in weight, certainly a popular option. There is another type manufactured out of nylon: robust, sleek, and a preferable choice for customers. Besides, dye-sublimated cords are ideal for achieving lively-coloured and intricately patterned designs.

You can also go for woven Jacquard Lanyards if you want to have a style of repeated and textured patterns. Otherwise, the tube type is also suitable and is a bulky and durable option.

3. Customize All Aspects Of Your Custom Printed Lanyards

Customizing the product is always the most fun part. It allows you to get an item that appears as you had imagined. You can personalize various aspects of your customizable cord, like its length, width, attachments, etc.

You can choose anywhere between ⅜ inch to 1-inch width and length between 14 inches to up to 30 inches. However, the standard length is 18 inches long. You can select one or multiple colours or dye sublimation for the colours. When it comes to printing lanyards, you can choose one side or both sides.

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Some attachment and clip options suitable in this case are a lobster claw, swivel J-hook, bulldog clip, split key ring, bottle opener hook, or thumb hook. Consider the locations where your cord or cards will be attached and choose the clip type accordingly.

4. Sketch Out The Design

Once you have personalized all the aspects of the custom-printed lanyards, think about a specific design for it. If you have sketched an idea that clicked in your mind, show that to the expert designers. Usually, the manufacturing services also have an in-house team of designers that can make your imagination a reality. You can stick to your company’s logo, name, and motto if you don’t want to go for some extraordinary design.

Additionally, if you want your design to stand out but don’t know about it, communicate with the services you hired. They will visualize your vision and create an eye-catching style for your personalized cord for free. The expert designers will include professional and readable typography and patterns to make your line unique. Their professional will also communicate with you to take your feedback about the design before finalizing it.

5. Approval Of Your Sample

Connecting to the above point, your professional custom-printed lanyard manufacturing services will request your approval at two stages. First, they will ask you after creating a design for your custom ID card Ireland and revise it according to your likeness.

Second, they will create a proper sample or prototype. They will send you an email related to it that will contain detailed and high-quality images about your product from all angles. Their customer service representative will ask for your approval to go ahead and manufacture the rest of your cords. Approving a sample from you will ensure you get the perfectly made product.

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6. Time To Leverage Your Customized Printed Lanyards

From there, your primary role ends as the manufacturing teams grind hard to produce your products. The manufacturers will ship your order on time or before it without charging an extra fee. Once you have flawless personalized cords in your hand, it is time to leverage them for the benefit of your business.

Distribute them to employees within your organization or students within your academy. Both ways, personalized cords and ID cards will increase your brand’s identity and awareness among your potential customers. It will also boost your brand’s professionalism, reputation, and reliability, thus inclining more prospects towards you. As a result, you will make more sales and generate increased revenue.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on designing and creating custom-printed lanyards from scratch, friends! Conducting the entire manufacturing process yourself from the beginning may become a never-ending hustle. Therefore, you should prefer hiring reliable, professional manufacturers online that deliver a product as per your requirements. It will enable you to customize every aspect of your cord and make it unique without investing your energy or time. By the end, you get the product that contributes to your business’s

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