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Cure The Curse Of Drug Addiction By Reading Mantle of Jesus Christ book

BySophia Clarke

Dec 21, 2023
Mantle of Jesus Christ book

In today’s hectic life, teens and youngsters find drug addiction the only option for survival is reading Mantle of Jesus Christ book. So, they blow the smoke to forget all their pains and discomforts. However, many teenagers start taking drugs with interest. Therefore, they display their style and class to others with a puff of a cigarette. However, the Smokey atmosphere gives them the freedom and independence to lead their lives their own way. Thus, they never listen to anybody else and do what they desire.

But they slowly and gradually get into a trap of drugs. So, they keep their doses high and fill their cigarettes with white powder. Hence, this powder becomes deadly for them and kills them silently. It slowly and gradually makes them addicted to drugs. Therefore, a time comes when they cannot live without it. However, drugsters need the powder to sniff. They also take injections and concentrated cigarettes. Most teens get spoiled by their bad company and surroundings. Many new kinds of addictions are emerging in the world, such as talcum powder, which causes hazardous consequences to health.

Families of these drug addicts are mostly fed up with their extreme habits. Their increasing obsession leaves them nowhere and turns them into useless human beings. However, they are a burden on their families and cause pain and agony to them. Most people sell their assets and possessions to fulfill their addiction. It makes their life like hell and becomes the reason for distress for their families. These people lose their honor and respect in society.  And people feel pity for their condition. So, the only solution is reading the Mantle of Jesus Christ book to take the positive inspiration from it. This book sets an example for those who have lost their hopes and need strong emotional support.

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Here are ways to cure the curse of drug addiction:

Make a Solid Intention

It is a popular saying of someone that” I make resolutions and then break them from the fear of something happening.” So, the first thing for a drug addict is to make a solid and firm intention. Once they intend to quit their habit, they must do it. However, doing is always better than thinking. Therefore, they must not be in their imaginations and execute their plan of action. Thus, their action will work better for their health. Nevertheless, they must use their willpower to heal the patient. It gives them an act of courage with a sense of patience.

Control The Cravings

Drug addicts have severe cravings for substances. However, it can cause them bone-breaking pain, but they have to tolerate it. Therefore, it is their test to go through this ordeal and succeed. Hence, the staff of a rehabilitation center does not quit these drugs immediately. So, they know about the consequences. They slowly decrease the dosages and keep them to the minimum in a desired period. After coming down to this level, addicts can easily give in the use of drugs forever. But they must keep their will power to stop their desires for smoking.

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Addiction of anything can be dangerous and hazardous for people to quit. So, they cannot do it abruptly but take some time to minimize the dose. It develops the energy and patience in them to go for a permanent quit.

Avoid the Thoughts

Many thoughts come to mind to smoke a cigarette for once. However, these are excuses that weaken the power of addicts. Therefore, they must avoid these thoughts and not pay serious attention to them. So, they should divert their attention to something else. Hence, they can think of something healthy and get themselves busy with activities. Doing this practice over and over eliminates all the negative ideas about drugs. So, it gives you the lifetime opportunity to get rid of this curse forever. Therefore, you must bow down before the GOD to thank the creator for giving you a chance to transform your life.

Sleep and Exercise

The rehabilitation staff gives you sleeping pills but within a certain limit to keep you in a drowsy condition. These pills make your mind numb and affect your thinking abilities. So, you feel dozy and sleepy all day and night. However, addicts fulfill their sleep in a soft bed. Hence, after coming back home, they must begin a new life. However, they should make them willing to do a little bit of exercise at home. Therefore, they can stand with a little workout and can increase their reps after a few weeks. So, working out can make them feel great and provide them with solid physical strength.

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Diet is also essential for them to take it. So, they must eat bellyful to gain some weight and keep it balanced. They must increase their hunger and appetite to eat a healthy meal. Particularly, they must have a nutritious breakfast in the morning to feel the energy in the body.

Bottom Line

All in all, these above-mentioned are worthwhile ways and remedies to cure the habit of drug addiction. So, they must do something to evade the nuisance of drugs. However, they should go for a proper treatment to heal them permanently. Therefore, the family has to suffer a lot in the meantime duration to stand by facing this ordeal.

However, drug addicts need the constant support of their families to come out of their condition. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for them to quit this nasty habit. It spoils the whole environment of their house. So, they do not let anyone with peace and disturbs the entire family. But it also depends on the intention and willpower of a person to survive and live in good health. They must stay in a rehabilitation space for a few weeks or months to get back to a normal life. Hence, with the support and favor of the rehabilitation center, they can lead a healthy lifestyle to join their family again. Consequently, they must go through a mantle of Jesus Christ book to develop holy qualities in them.

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