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Dec 12, 2023
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Experts like Rubber Roof Contractors NYC in the field of roof construction can tell the difference between flat roofs made of heavy material and flat roofs made of wooden material. Rigid, reinforced concrete supporting structures make up heavy roofs. A flat roof made of wood is a common choice for lightweight construction.

Comfortable flat roof with heating

There is no back ventilation in the warm roof structure, which makes it a straightforward construction. As a result, to keep moisture out of the building, an effective vapor barrier is required. Because warm roofs are so dense and the layers stack on top of each other without any spaces between them, air cannot circulate between them. By enclosing the rafters in thermal insulation and sealing them with vapor-permeable roofing coverings, the insulation can maintain an ideal moisture balance.

There is an extra layer of protection for the roof waterproofing on warm roofs with a surcharge. This layer can be gravel, a green roof, or something else entirely.

A roof that is cold and flat

On hot summer days, a flat roof with a cold roof—a double-shell, vented roof construction—provides excellent thermal protection. To reliably eliminate any moisture that may permeate or spread from the lower rooms, ventilation is accomplished via an air gap right above the thermal insulation. This can only be achieved with a ventilation cross-section that is big enough and with openings that are always clear. With exceptions in the most windless regions, this flat roof style is not suited for use by Empire contractors.

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Building material: wood

Ventilated and unventilated variants of the hardwood roof structure are both available. The wooden framework provides stability for this flat roof style. Interspaces between the rafters contain the thermal insulation. A vapour-permeable, waterproof, and penetration-proof cover is required for the ventilated version to keep moisture at bay. The thermal insulation is located over the back ventilation.

Only structures in sunny, extremely dry climates with unventilated hardwood roofs should be considered. To re-dry wood that was unable to absorb moisture during construction, dark roof sealants are equally important.

Based on the location and other criteria, your master roofer company like Roof Repair NYC will provide you with detailed advice on which flat roof style is best for your property.

Different kinds of flat roofs quickly

You may quickly learn about the most popular flat roof types, their substructure, and their unique qualities from the accompanying table.

Vapor barrier required, warm flat roof substructure—concrete or screed—that is not vented

Concrete or screed used as a cold roof substructure; well-ventilated; provides excellent protection from summer heat; must be located in an exposed area to the wind

Wooden ventilated roof substructures are inexpensive, have their ventilation and insulation levels separated, and provide excellent summer heat protection.

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The roof is unventilated and insulated between the rafters. The substructure is made entirely of dry wood. There must be at least a three percent gradient. No vegetation or gravel can be used. There is no air movement.

Lack of ventilation and insulation on the roof

Substructure made of wood; suitable for planting; supporting structure well shielded from moisture; only pressure-resistant insulating materials allowed.

It is not feasible to provide accurate square meter pricing for the various flat roof types due to the various and situation-dependent contributing elements. The best person to call is a local master roofer firm; Flat Roof Contractors NYC will evaluate the site thoroughly and provide valuable insight into the planning aspects, after which they will give you fair pricing.

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