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8 Ways How International Students Can Celebrate Christmas In The UK


Dec 6, 2023
8 Ways How International Students Can Celebrate Christmas In The UK

Though the primary Christmas day falls on the 25th of December every year, celebrations begin at the beginning of the month. This festival is traditionally family-oriented and brings the families or friends closer to each other than they usually are.

Many students return to their homes during the holiday season to celebrate this festival together. However, it isn’t possible for international students, who might feel left out on this occasion. Seasonal depression may also hit them as their accommodation becomes quieter than usual, and they get lonelier.

Nevertheless, don’t let loneliness and depressive thoughts pull you down, as you can still make the most out of this holiday season. There are countless ways to celebrate Christmas as an international student in the United Kingdom. Below are eight easy-to-follow tips from our side to make every second of this festival count:

8 Fun Christmas Activities For International Students In The UK

Best Time To Socialize With Your Fellow International Students

You might also have many fellow international students at your institute or accommodation, so socialize with them. They may also be experiencing the same feelings and missing their homes. Therefore they would understand you much better. Take time to get to know them and connect with them. You all can carry out some festive activities together. Who knows, you might get a friend forever or a life partner.

Increase Your Good Deeds By Maximizing Acts Of Kindness

Christmas is the festival that inspires everyone to become better human beings by maximizing good deeds. Rather than only involving yourself in enjoying the festive activities, indulge in self-reflection and maximize your good deeds. Show your acts of kindness by volunteering in retirement homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, orphanages, etc.

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Give them the gift of your time and help them in any possible manner to make your and others’ Xmas more meaningful. Don’t forget to motivate other international students to implement this tip. However, hire essay writing services if you want to take a room out of your academic writing to be more compassionate towards others.

Connect With Your Family Virtually

So what if you’re physically apart from your family or old friends? You live in the digital age and can connect with anyone within the blink of an eye. Consider this fact as a blessing and leverage this opportunity in different ways. You can join each other’s celebrations via audio or video calls or share festive-packed photos, GIFs, videos, audio, stickers, etc. You can also watch Christmas movies, series, or other content with each other via Zoom, skype, etc. Thus, it will not make you feel as lonely as you might think after virtually spending time with your loved ones.

Celebrate Christmas With British Hosts

Christmas is among the most popular and lavishly celebrated occasions in the United Kingdom. It allows networking and learning more about different cultures and traditions. During this season, there is a high chance that you will get invited by your local classmate or pal. You can spend time with your family and savor the delicious British cuisine.

However, if it doesn’t happen, you can still get in touch with any welcoming British hosts that offer homestays. You can reach out to them through online platforms that promote international friendships, allowing you to book your host for Xmas. It is a great idea to take a break from your academic worries and share your Xmas in newer, fun-filled ways.

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Take A Tour Of Christmas Markets

While strolling through the Christmas markets, you’ll experience the ultimate festive vibes. There is a unique and fascinating holiday atmosphere over there that you should soak up. Stalls sell different Xmas décor items, festive drinks, snacks, clothing, accessories, etc. Take your internal fellows and shop together or enjoy the live music there.

Once you’ve done shopping, sip on eggnog, mulled wine, festive rum, or ginger punch. Additionally, set up your stall if you have something unique to bring to the UK related to the festival. It is an exciting way to spread awareness about your culture and make money simultaneously.

An Occasion To Earn More Money

International students can only work up to twenty hours per week during their semester. However, this duration extends to forty hours a week during the holidays. So, use this Christmas break to earn more money and use it as you desire. You can make cash online and offline without taking a permanent position in a company.

For instance, you can advertise yourself as an Assignment Master UK at your institute or online. Many students want to take time for their celebration so that they may take your academic writing help. Thus, it is the best time to make customers and get more clients. Besides, you can also take up part-time jobs as a barista, retail assistant, receptionist, tutor, customer service representative, and more.

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Decorate Your Accommodation

Whether your accommodation is an on-campus hostel room, a private apartment, or a homestay, you should embrace festive vibes. As you may spend most of your time in your accommodation during the holidays, it should never stop sparking positive vibes. Research and stroll through online and offline Xmas stores to get economical yet stylish décor items. Christmas trees, ornaments, candles, tinsel, wreaths, garlands, stockings, tree toppers, and lights are must-have decoration items to consider.

Let Your Body And Mind Recharge

Generally, Christmas extensively focuses on uniting with your loved ones and having festive outdoor or indoor activities. Yet nothing is wrong with being alone, slowing down for a while, and not stepping out of your accommodation. After all, this holiday season is a break from your academics. So, you can lay down on your coziest couch or bed and binge-watch the watch-later list until you doze off. Sleep well and take naps to let yourself recharge to get back to your studies energetically.

Final Takeaway

We hope the eight ways above gave you insights on how to celebrate your Christmas as an international student. Though we focused on the foreigners studying in the United Kingdom precisely in this blog, all these tips apply to pupils in other countries. So, consider the ones that align with your goal to spend this festive holiday the most. It will let you make the most of the Xmas occasion and treasure ever-lasting memories.

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