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6 reasons to translate the regulatory compliance text accurately


Nov 23, 2023

Technical translation is a field that orbits around the transferring of different meanings of technical texts from one language to another. Technical translation is a challenging task and demands a high level of expertise in the source as well as the target language. Not only proficiency in languages but subject matter expertise is the main factor. A sound knowledge about understanding of technical subjects help the translators navigate through challenges that they face while translating the technical content. Technical translators have to translate the content accurately and consistently. The translation of complex concepts and terminology can be challenging. Also, they must be familiar with the relevant industry regulations and standards.

Regulatory compliance is an important factor in technical and professional automotive translation services. It is a critical aspect and overlooking this factor can ruin the whole efforts of the businesses and enterprises. Therefore it is imperative that businesses do proper research and check for the regulatory requirements from the concerned monitoring authority and translate these accurately. There are industry-specific regulations and practices in different countries. In the USA, for instance, it is the Food and Drug Administration that takes care of the medical device industry and the requirements for the translation of medical device labels and instructions.

Therefore, you as a client need to ensure that you get to translate the whole technical text accurately for the following reasons.

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When it comes to technical and specialized text, it refers to translation of the user manuals, safety instructions, and a lot more. Technical documents contain sensitive information that is important for safety purposes. A user manual for a medical device needs to have a clear and accurate translation of the instructions to use the product and device safely. However, errors and ambiguities in the translated content can lead to dangerous outcomes. The user can cause harm to themselves leading to injuries, disabilities, or even death. This can make the user or their family sue the business for taking help from regulatory compliance for not providing the required translation accurately.


Considering the translation of regulatory compliance is a significant part of the technical translation services. All these technical and complex texts contain informative content to help people use the devices and machines correctly. Businesses are held liable for the damage that comes from the user end while using their products and services. A mistranslated document or inaccuracy can make the people and users take help from the rules and regulations practiced in the target region and can start legal proceedings for overlooking the significance of accuracy and authenticity in the translation.


Businesses are relying on their reputations big time. Not completing the regulatory requirements can tarnish the image of the business in the global market. This can also affect the existing user base of the business also affecting the sales. In addition, it further leads to losing the trust of the customers and business associates. Therefore, a handbook translated about regulatory compliance in important languages should be provided and accessible to everyone who needs it.

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Avoiding fines

The failure to comply with the regulatory requirements and its translation to all the important languages also leads to fines. The rival companies particularly take great advantage of it. Inaccuracies in the translations can cause serious disasters making everyone involved suffer. Hence, it is important to consider professional automotive translation services to cater to the requirements of everyone involved.

Escaping product recalls

Improper translation of rules and regulatory content can also make authorities compel businesses to recall the product. No one is beyond the law and businesses often have to suffer a great loss by recalling their products. However, hiring a competent translation company for professional automotive translation services can fix things in this regard to boost sales and business. The businesses should also convey to their translation partner to translate the regulatory content more transparently. They should also make sure that the translators working on the translation understand the local rules and regulations. Also, they should translate the content accordingly.

Abstaining from legal actions 

Anyone can take legal action with the help of a lawyer if any product manual, device, or machine harms it in a way that he could not understand the content in his native language. It is imperative that you translate the content into the relevant language transparently to help people with their proper use. Not concentrating on the content and ignoring the practices common in the respective region can put you in hot waters. The court gives everyone the right to be heard and get justice. This is why businesses and enterprises should make sure when they are dealing with technical translation services and automotive text they assign native speakers with the knowledge of the relevant technical text. 

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Translation of regulatory compliance is an integral part of technical translation. Different regions practice different regulations. Therefore, it is important that businesses must not ignore the need for translating the regulatory content and translate these accurately to avoid legal troubles. An accurate translation of compliance text can help with safety, liability, reputation, avoiding fines, product recalls, and legal actions. 

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