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5 Industries Oozing Benefits From Blockchain Technology To Streamline Their Businesses

ByScarlett Watson

Dec 2, 2023
5 Industries Oozing Benefits From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a term many business leaders and techies throw around.

Whenever there is a discussion regarding the emerging technology trends or digital transformation for businesses, Blockchain technology always comes to the surface.

In fact, it is hard to find a sector that is out of blockchain impact. From payment to stock, healthcare to supply chain, blockchain is everywhere.

The blockchain market worldwide will ascend to $163.83 billion by 2029. (Globe News Wire)

Blockchain can revolutionize business processing across industries. 

According to Gartner’s predictions, the business add-value of blockchain will rise to $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Although blockchain became a supporting technology for Bitcoin, its benefits have surpassed the crypto space.

In the present scenario, a reputed blockchain development company can aid businesses in securing their financial data to resist fraudulent activities.

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that tracks transactions, connecting them to other transactions nearby and securely encrypting the information. This ledger technology has proved itself as of great value to cryptocurrencies, with implications for almost every industry, not just tracking digital currency.

By and large, industries are going crazy over blockchain because of its data organization capability. Block-chain enabled system 

  • Offers a shared, digital ledger for companies
  • It ensures easy access to business information
  • It allows employees to monitor the in-house operations of the company.

The uplifted traceability and transparency of blockchain technology aid sectors from education to healthcare.

Understanding The Core Aspects Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a shared and impenetrable ledger that fosters business transaction records and tracks assets within a business network.

Assets are of two types:

  • Tangible like house, car, land, Etc.
  • Intangible like branding, patents, copyrights, Etc.
  • Companies can trade and track any virtual asset of value on a blockchain-powered network.
  • In a nutshell, blockchain technology is a global network that consists of blocks of data. It distributes the information globally to users.
  • The data blocks can contain any business information. Blockchain digital ledge is a peer-to-peer network system that eliminates all kinds of external interference to analyze the data authenticity.
  • In simple terms, blockchain technology removes the middlemen from the space of data verification. Hence, companies can lower their time, money, and other resources in case of data validation.
  • Blockchain decentralizes the business database. Hence, hackers do not get access to any central points to breach.
  • Most users finalize the data, which is immensely difficult to change.
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Industries Experiencing The Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

  • People or companies will spend almost $19 billion on blockchain solutions by 2024. (Statista)
  • At present, there are approx. One hundred seventy million blockchain wallets worldwide. (Coinbase)
  • By leveraging blockchain technology, financial companies can cut their expenses by up to 12%. (The Economic Times)

Not only the finance sector but many industries are also heading toward blockchain, fascinated by its benefits.

Following are the five industries that are exploring blockchain to streamline their businesses:

Law Enforcement And Security

  • The law enforcement and security industry can experience the benefits of blockchain-driven solutions.
  • Since blockchain ensures untampered data, the industry can level up the security of video recordings used for evidence through the technology.
  • Blockchain will protect the evidence from getting tampered with or faked. Once the recording gets stored within the blockchain, none can ever alter that.

Banking And Finance

  • The financial industry can use the power of blockchain to rebuild their expensive legacy workflow, cut down capital, and improve liquidity.
  • Moreover, with blockchain, finance companies can reduce infrastructure expenses and increase data transparency.
  • Money-related fraudulent activities are on the rise. Banking scams and investment scams are some of the most common fraudulent activities. Deloitte reports, the amount of money laundered worldwide in one year is around 2−5% of the global GDP, or between $800 billion and $2 trillion.
  • Blockchain can aid anything related to banking and finance, even restricting banking and finance frauds.
  • The blockchain-enabled third-party payment system can provide additional security and convenience to customers. These systems can even prove themselves reliable for international transactions.
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Travel And Mobility

Yes, you are reading the right. Travel and mobility can also benefit blockchain technology.

  • For instance, the airline industry can use blockchain to streamline ticket sales and aircraft maintenance records. Blockchain will simplify airline data storage.
  • Not only that, even a blockchain-based database can store automobile parts as tokens to prevent them from fraud.
  • The global automobile market will touch $777.85 billion by 2030. (PR News Wire)
  • Amid the competition, both Automobile sellers and renters can take advances from a streamlined sales process that ensures fewer user clicks and less paperwork.

Real Estate

The real estate market across the globe will escalate to $3741.06 billion in 2022. (The Business Research Company)

  • Although the fast-growing real estate industry these days is leveraging accompany of NFT development company, it can also benefit primarily from the blockchain.
  • Blockchain diminishes the middlemen layer. Hence, the real estate industry can dissolve the middlemen layer in the faces of brokers, agents, property managers, Etc., by implementing blockchain in their businesses.
  • Moreover, the blockchain-based system for real estate will bring transparency to property dealings and payment transfers.
  • The immutable property and auditable transaction records will clarify property or land registrations and transfers.
  • There is another fascinating side. Blockchain can help real estate industry leaders to present a new business model where people can own a part of a real estate project by trading through blockchain tokens.
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Supply Chain

  • It is critical to track a collective supply chain from beginning to end.
  • Blockchain can immensely fine-tune and reshape the supply chain industry ensuring faster and cost-efficient deliveries.
  • Blockchain ensures improved product traceability, collaboration between partners, and supply chain transparency.
  • Additionally, blockchain is more than safe data storage. Blockchain-driven solutions aid the industry in analyzing the supply-chain data to make future predictions on the market.
  • The market predictions based on the previous data enable industry leaders and decision-makers to detect the lags and find solutions.

Final Words

Blockchain technology brings advantages to nearly all the leading industries undoubtedly. However, the road is not smooth and unhindered when it comes to implementing blockchain into business operations. It is the best way to look for the most reliable blockchain development company while planning to dip your toe into the blockchain. A seasoned and reliable blockchain development firm can help you to unleash the powers of this novel technology in the right direction so that you will never face any pitfalls.

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