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3 Ways to Create Affordable and Easy Landing Pages

ByScarlett Watson

Dec 2, 2023

Landing pages serve specific purposes on the internet, such as marketing products or services. While many service providers offer landing page creation, you can achieve cost-effective results by creating them yourself. This article will discuss three ways to create affordable landing pages.

Using Elementor

Elementor is a widely known plugin that facilitates landing page creation. Follow these steps to create a landing page with Elementor:

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and choose “Add New” from the menu. Search for Elementor, click “Install Now,” and activate it after installation.
  • Choose “Page” from the menu and click “Add New.” Customize the landing page according to your needs by adding images, videos, text, buttons, etc.
  • For added convenience, use free templates provided by Elementor. Click on “Insert Now” to implement the template.
  • Once you’ve designed the layout, preview it to ensure a neat and mobile-friendly appearance. If satisfied, click “Publish.”

Using Visual Composer

Similar to Elementor, Visual Composer offers drag-and-drop features, template options, and live editing. Follow these steps to create a landing page with Visual Composer:

  • Access the WordPress dashboard and select “Add New” under the Plugin menu. Choose Visual Composer, click “Install Now,” and activate the plugin.
  • Choose “Page” from the menu and click “Add New with Visual Composer.” Adjust templates and elements as needed.
  • After designing the landing page, click “Publish.”
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Using Beaver Builder

Another option for creating a WordPress landing page is Beaver Builder, which also features drag-and-drop functionality. Here’s how to use Beaver Builder:

  • Access the WordPress dashboard, select “Plugin” from the menu, and click “Add New.” Search for Beaver Builder.
  • Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” once the installation is complete.
  • Choose “Pages” from the menu and click “Add New” to create a landing page.
  • Click “Launch Beaver Builder.”
  • Access the “Template” menu to use pre-designed templates that suit your needs.
  • Add elements like images, text, videos, etc.
  • Once the design is complete, click “Done.”

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Creating an attractive landing page can enhance the visibility of your products or services. By utilizing tools like Elementor, Visual Composer, or Beaver Builder, you can achieve this cost-effectively and independently. Or visit jasa maintenance website murah

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