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Are You Planning to Create a Successful App?


Dec 4, 2023
Custom Mobile App

With mobile device usage today, the demand for mobile app development has also increased. An innovative app is needed for companies and businesses. And rightly so; a mobile app can help promote services and products and connect you with your customers on the go.

So, what is a custom mobile app? It is an app tailored to a particular audience rather than providing a general solution for varying needs.

Let us explore the basics of mobile app development in this article. Let us also understand why you need a custom mobile app development company in UAE.

Custom mobile app development vs. readymade solutions

If your business has specific workflows, processes, or features that cannot be addressed by readymade solutions, custom app development allows you to build a solution tailored to your precise needs.

You can choose custom development

  • If you want to develop an app with a new feature and functionality for the market.
  • If you can afford time and money.
  • You want complete control over the development process.
  • If you want a solution that exclusively addresses your business needs and process.

Choose a readymade app solution

  • If you are a startup and need a cost-effective option
  • If a quick launch is your concern and you do not have months to spend on app development
  • You can manage with available features
  • If you prefer an easy implementation.

Typically, readymade app solutions are available with a subscription.

When time is money in your situation, and you need to implement a solution quickly and smoothly, a readymade app solution can save you valuable time.

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Although you can have an off-the-shelf app solution for almost anything, it essentially provides solutions for document processing, accounting, bookkeeping, online shopping, and handling customer requests.

Readymade Mobile App Solutions

There are several reasons why many business owners choose readymade mobile app solutions. These require less time, are affordable to begin, and involve less hassle. However, customization comes to a dead end with ready-to-go solutions. Moreover, all premade solutions are not meant to run smoothly on all platforms. These solutions are costlier in the long run, as you need a customized product that can evolve and accommodate evolving user needs.

Custom app development services help you develop a unique solution not already available, like premade solutions. Although custom apps might have some similarities with apps of the same niche, they are overall unique.

Big companies traditionally use a custom mobile app development company. However, mobile app development advancements have made customized apps affordable for small and mid-sized businesses too. Custom apps are required in almost every market, especially logistics, healthcare, and fintech development.

The biggest plus of custom app development is the high degree of customization. A custom mobile app development company will research your business idea and present you with a detailed project outline.

A custom app solution is exclusively yours and a mobile app development company will ensure that the product aligns with your business needs and can accommodate evolving business requirements. If you are dealing with sensitive data and require a secure app, a custom mobile app solution is the go-to option for you.

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A tailor-made app solution gets you dedicated maintenance and support services. Your mobile app development partner can provide the best-fit services for supporting and maintaining your product.

Being unique puts you in a strategic position in the competition. You will gain an edge with the exclusivity and uniqueness of your business solution.

No app development solution fits every business requirement. Hence, you must feature all your mobile app development expectations and requirements to a custom mobile app development company to get your desired product.

The Do’s of Mobile App Development

A custom mobile app development company incorporates some techniques into mobile app development. These are customized for mobiles.

A mobile app strategy considers all the critical factors when developing a mobile app. This includes a detailed understanding of how the app fits in with the business, interfaces with users, and produces income or achieves its primary objectives. Generally, it includes how the finished mobile app will become a valuable digital asset.

A custom mobile app development company creates a comprehensive strategy that needs to contain everything for success. It includes the app’s category, mandatory development tools, and internal business protocols and policies.

A custom mobile app development company typically works on the mobile app, focusing on user growth, engagement, or brand awareness. Usually, it is a mixture of the three. This does not mean they pick and choose; they must customize for your business goals.

Mobile App Development Roadmap

A custom mobile app development company creates a figurative roadmap but also needs a literal one during the app development process. The mobile app development roadmap serves a few goals:

  • Mobile app development generally expedites internal work on the app or how the idea of the app and its business goals are achieved through solid steps.
  • It streamlines communications with any stakeholders with a vested interest in the process and, of course, ends users.
  • To serve as the mission statement for the actual mobile strategy, allowing audiences to know how the vision is fulfilled.
  • It acts as a transparent step of progression for the app development process and quickly becomes a cheat sheet for meeting market requirements.
  • To provide an instrument for prioritization, it should show which parts of mobile app development will come first.
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A custom mobile app development company performs comprehensive quality assurance and security checks on the mobile app throughout the development phase.

Poor mobile app design leads to confused and frustrated users. Therefore, an app development company will always design, considering the user experience (UX) to be intuitive.

A custom mobile app development company performs functionality tests to check if your app performs as envisioned in terms of its function and cross-platform coverage.


Finally, mobile apps rule the market today in any industry or sector. We have them for everything: ordering food, booking a taxi, or purchasing groceries. Custom mobile app development is the best option if you want your business to be exclusive.

So, wait no more and contact an app development company today to start working on your mobile app!

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